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We reveal suffering, rescue and protect animals worldwide.

End the Dog and Cat Meat Trade

Millions of dogs and cats are stolen, killed, and eaten in Southeast Asia. We want to #protectmillions of dogs and cats by ending the trade.

Pitiful dog in a cage

Help for Big Cats

Just like bears, we rescue and protect big cats like lions and tigers from poor conditions in circuses, zoos and private ownership. 

Pitiful lion in cage

Rapid Response Missions

In times of wars, crises, and disasters, we offer help and intervention to animals in need. See our activities around the world. 

Vets giving medical care to an injured lion

#Wear it Kind: Animal-friendly Fashion

Fashion is about looking good and being good to animals, people, and the planet. Our campaigns to protect animals used in clothing (fur, ...

Smiling woman with wear it kind logo