Bears in Vietnam

Bears in Vietnam

Abused for the bile trade

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Bears in Ukraine

Bears in Ukraine

Abused as tourist attractions and hunting targets

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Bears in Southeast Europe

Bears in Southeast Europe

Abused as pets and tourist attractions

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Bears in France

Bears in France

Abused for entertainment

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the saddest bears need our help

Bears are still kept in appalling conditions. Their owners often use them for profit. Whether for bile extraction or as tourist attractions – hundreds of bears are exploited and tortured to make money.

our Mission

FOUR PAWS rescues bears suffering in captivity and protects them by providing lifelong species-appropriate care at our sanctuaries. We are committed to ending their suffering through public awareness campaigns, working to change laws around their keeping and advocating for their welfare worldwide.

Happy rescued bears in FOUR PAWS sanctuary

Rescues and success stories

Meet our rescued bears. Now, having happy lives in our sanctuaries

Arosa Barenland bear sanctuary with bear Napa


We protect animals by giving lifelong care in species-appropriate sanctuaries

Rescue of Asiatic bile bears in Vietnam

timeline of our activities and achievements

See how we are changing lives for bears in Vietnam


bear welfare issues

Our work to rescue abused bears in Vietnam, Southeast Europe, and Ukraine.

#SaddestBears in Vietnam

bear farms in vietnam

Bears are kept and abused for bile extraction

#SaddestBears in Southeast Europe

caged bears in Southeast Europe

Many bears are suffering in bad conditions in captivity 

#SaddestBears in Ukraine

Caged bears in Ukraine

Many bears are suffering in bad conditions in captivity 

Bear Michal in his forrmer keeping

Bears in Poland

FOUR PAWS successfully ended the private keeping of bears in 2016

#SaddestBears in France

Abused for entertainment

In France bears are still being made to perform silly tricks


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End bear farming in Vietnam!

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Meet Some of our rescued bears

Read our success stories

Bear Vova before rescue

Bear Rescue Vova

No more entertaining – a new life awaits the Ukrainian restaurant bear

7 bile bears rescued

Rescue 7 Bile Bears

Asiatic black bears La, Lam, Sang, Dua, Khe, Oi and Xoai begin their new lives at BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh 

Asiatic black bear Thu

Rescue Thu

With 15 years of suffering behind her, the Asiatic black bear begins her new life

New life for bears

Our solution

A new life for rescued animals in our bear sanctuaries

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is a FOUR PAWS campaign to help bears. See our other country versions:

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